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Analysis & Strategy

Through accurate analyses and strategies we help companies to gain a better understanding so that they can interact and communicate with the world around them.


Gain valuable insights through global and media analyses that cover both traditional and digital media.


Advice and recommendations on the most appropriate approach based on context, to facilitate decisions, messages and initiatives.

News Monitoring

Monitoring of traditional and digital media, to provide analysis, avoid problems and follow up activities.


Many organisations operate in a complex world where changes in the behaviour of target groups and other stakeholders can be difficult to relate to. At More PR we therefore focus on the situations that matter to our clients rather than their target groups, which makes it easier to formulate communication strategies that are relevant and remain so in a constantly changing world. We conduct qualitative analyses and supplement these with quantitative data, so that we can improve our clients’ communication in the long term – always guided by the organisation’s business goals.

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